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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

September 2007

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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

Hurr Music Is My Boyfriend Hurr

I was looking for Flaming Lips downloads earlier and I found this tasty gem of a music blog.
It's really desperately brilliant, and I've found some super tasty stuff.
They've posted a ZILLION covers, and I want to marry nearly all of them.
Favorite finds:
"Something", Martha and the Vandellas (Beatles cover)
"Life On Mars", Flaming Lips (David Bowie cover)
"Do You Realize?", Beck (Flaming Lips cover)

"I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday", David Bowie (Morissey cover)
"The One I Love", Sufjan Stevens (R.E.M. cover)
"One", R.E.M. (U2 cover)
"Under My Thumb", The Who (Rolling Stones cover)
"Wonderwall", Radiohead (Oasis cover)
"Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You", Muse (Frankie Vali cover, JESUS this one is meltinyourmouthorgasmic)
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Benjamin Gibbard (Cyndi Lauper cover...*DIES laughing!!!*)
and, OMFGZ, "Rapture Riders", Blondie vs The Doors!
Plus this fabbity string quartet tribute to "Under the Bridge. It is delish. I love that song all the more now.


Love your icon!

*Gasp!* We should call it Words and Music! Like an ode to your drama days. And you'd still be some sort of quasi-librarian. :D

Well, it was me, Ellen, and her sister, so that's why. One of these days, I'll get off my bum and get a license. One of these days, Alice...Anyways, I got a really awesome green blazer with a really cool embellished gold rose on the lapel, and some more gold embellishing on the back (I need to get some awesome buttons; it'd look so cool with buttons...or PATCHES...), and then I got a really cute black bubble skirt, and some sweet green tights from TJ Maxx. Ellen got a lot of cool stuff, including this awesome khaki-green-ish jacket with pink plaid on it (that I secretly wanted for my self), and some cool shoes to go with. Love TJ Maxx...

That was way too lengthy and girlie. Oh Em Gee GIRLIE!!!
A librarian - with a radder dress code! It's PERFECT! And that name will make me nostalgic every single day. Lovely.
We would have the best of all jukeboxes, too. Mmm...jukebox....

That was SUPER girlie. Wow. Wowo. Wow o wow. That was fun.
Sounds like some tasty stuff...*note to self: buy Lyeruh patches*. So I take it you're secretly going to ferret into Ellen's room and tear apart her closet for The Stealing of the Jacket. Muahaha.
Hmm...her sister, eh? What's she like? I've just been dying to know!
BUBBLE SKIRT! Want to see, right NOW! Gnah.
TJ Maxx is fabtacular.

Embellish is an excellent word.