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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

September 2007

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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

*steal* Ha, gb, you suck. I stole'd these from j00!

List 5 friends:

1. Callie

2. Wolfgar

3. Lyeruh

4. gb

5. Alex


Who is this person? Mah laydee.

What is his/her most annoying habit? The whole "afraid I'm going to break up with her because she is crazy" complex thing.

Is this person dating anyone? Yes. Two people.

Is she NOT dating anyone? Well, one could say that. As there are numerous persons she is not dating

How long have you known him/her? Since that ghetto assembly back in 9th grade.

What do you love about him/her? Her cow obsession. She's so fuckin' cute.


Who is this person? About the most amazing man alive.

Why was he/she named this? His parents are insane.

How old is this person? 24

What's his/her favorite food? I'mma say peas. Though I know that isn't wholly accurate.


Who is this person? A semi-aloof indie angst rabbit who is really very hyper and awesome. And Lyeruh.

What is this person's parents' names? Shamima and... I don't remember.

What grade is he/she in? 11th

Where did you meet them? On the erstaffnewspap in 9th grade

Have they ever done something illegal? *giggle* Not fecking likely.


Who is this person? A closet ABBA fanatic.

Have they ever been on TV? No, although I would totally pay to see that.

What's their favorite song? Something by Modest Mouse, I'm sure. I misremember specifics.

What color does he/she look good in? Argyle tones.


Who is this person? A spazmatic

Why was he/she named this? Because it personifies him to a t. I do not know it's origination, however. *poke* What is it?

How old is this person? 17....

What's his/her favorite food? No clue, though I am sure it is not Mexican, but that's as far as I venture with my musings.

Does he/she have a pet? His hair. Hee.

14 things you enjoy doing
1) Reading
2) The presence of people who like me. I know many amazing people. Thank gods some of them think the same of me
3) Swimming.
4) Enjoying my fortess of solitude.
5) Listening to people I don't know very well muse.
6) Jammin'. This consists of dancing around like an idiot while I clean the kitchen and making the greatest mix tapes known to man.
7) Snuggling.
8) Deconstructing and reconstructing clothes via bleach pen, my Victorian scissors, and various other funky implements
9) Feeling beautiful and free.
10) Ponderifying
11) Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes
12) Kissing. Really, it is just amazing, given my partner is not terrible.
13) Sitting in/on trees, reading.
14) Eating

9 things from your childhood
1) Vowing not to vomit again. (Anyone who says I have no conviction, just look at my track record on that one.)
2) Books
3) Being alone.
4) Svelteness
5) PBS
6) Feeling superior and aloof
7) D&D
8) A slightly more excellent but less interesting relationship with my mother.
9) Piano lessons

4 things you're looking forward to in April:
1. Honestly, State tournament. I enjoy the travelling and people at competition, if not how I'm treated by Akers.
2. Breathing through my nose (I usually have a stint of it then)
3. School nearing an end...
4. The anniversary of my loss of innocence.

In other news, the past couple days have been fanTASmical. I got to go to a show, get my random makeouts on, spend time with amazing people, rebond with Fielding (who is one wicked cat), saw Aquamarine (which was actually pretty cute), and fell in love with Julio's (their bean burritos and various dips have my heart).
I also looked cute tonight, because Alex loves me and makes me a girl when we hang out. My awesomeness is compounded by my ability to wear heels with any sock and bottom and make it work. Heels and overalls? But of course. Heels and boyshorts? Too easy! Heels and front-pleat pants, however, should not be attempted. Only because front-pleat pants are the by-product of evil and bad bad eyes for fashion. I'm sorry I just went on that tangent. You know I'm still to be adored and all. I do so verily heart Alex, for she is precious on a stick, and her mix'd eyeshadow is supremely adorable.
Though I do not envy Trent her company when the wee hours roll around and she is still on a sugar high.

In other news, my original series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Pink Ranger Head Water Bottle is pretty much the greatest and most popular thing I own.
Tanner, be warned - you shall never pwn it. It be mine. Back off.

Welp, ta!


Re: "Carl and...I don't remember"

What utter joy!