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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

September 2007

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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

On a lighter note...

SURVEY!! First in loooooong line of them. Thank you Lira, Ellen, Alex, Allen(for Kat's), and calloocallay for all these loffly hooges. So that I might spammify my ickle Flist.

I am she who is called “I AM”. Or, y’know. A.J., Al, Aly, Alyssa, Jazzydo, whatever, that bitchy articulate chick. You get the picture. They all work. I also answer to ‘Smurfy’, ‘Tookie’, and ‘Anastacia Beaverhousen’. Also Kyd Repus [WONDER TWINS, AWAY!]

2. How many years have you lived? 14.14159265… yadda yadda years

3. What's your favorite survey question? That one, with the questioning and the music related ness. Because I dig music related ness questions.

4. What's your nonfavorite survey question? The one with the creepylike something. I dunno. No survey questions really bother me overmuch…

5. Do you hate it when people spell stuff strangely on the internet? What the piddle hidy-hey are you implying? Lyek, 5p311ing stuff in 1337 or just all…weird? Because as long as they aren’t abbreviating something that shouldn’t be abbreviated, like ‘you’ or ‘two’, ‘too’, and ‘to’ or ‘for’ I swear, that is so inane. 1337 is c00l, but numbers as letters is gh3y770.

6. Do you hate it when people word questions oddly? Worded questions oddly, have you? Mind that much, I do not. Adds spice, it does, to the reading and answering.

7. Do you hate it when half of the question gets erased and you don't know what the question was asking? Muchly. That just pisses me right off. I swear, there should be a l

8. What do you do when you see a donut on the floor of a deserted hallway? *eyebrow quirk * I’m gonna leave you two to your insidey jokes, mkaisy?

9. Are you wearing three-inch boots? Well, three+ inch Mary Jane’s . Do they count?

10. Now tell me the truth, do I look fat in this? NO! Of COURSE not sweetie!! [read: *cough * Yes, you heifer, gods isn’t it OBVIOUS? *cough *]

11. What's your favorite song lyric? Mkay, off the top of my head, so this doesn’t take an age, I’m going to say ‘I may be a tiny chimney sweep but I’ve got an enormous broom’ Or ‘She can read, she can read, she can read, she can read she’s baa-aaad’ Loosely translated: Literate, therefore naughty. Also, seriously, ‘My cat’s name is Maceo, he’s a little man in a cat’s body’ & ‘I am not a pretty girl. That is not what I do. I ain’t no damsel in distress, and I don’t need to be rescued, so put me down punk. Wouldn’t you prefer a maiden fair? Isn’t there a kitten stuck up in a tree somewhere?’ Ahh, Ani. And before that, ahhh, Perry. And before that, ahhh, Interpol. OH!! And ‘ ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy’ He actually sang that live a lot. W00t for Jimi catering to the pervs in his legions of fans!!

12. What's your favorite TV show? GILSMORE GIRL!!! Tripping the Rift, Simpsons, Fillmore, and SNL are pretty awesome too. And Trading Spaces. And QE and BMB when I can.

13. What's your favorite episode of your favorite TV show? Hmm…the one with Lorelai talking really fast and Rory having boy troubles, but looking cute. Also the one where Michel is bitter and condescending.

14. Can you easily type favorite? Favourite.

15. You know that commercial with the guy and the girl who's getting on the subway and she writes her phone number on the window? Do you remember the phone number? 555-1708

16. Do you prefer long surveys or short surveys? Longer than short, shorter than EXTRA long. If I can do it in less than an hour, I consider it time wasted. Or the questions weren’t good enough. And I abandoned it.

17. A bit of trivia...how to you pluralize cul-de-sac? Culs–de–sac!

18. Do you watch Gilmore Girls? YES!! BABETTE EATS OATMEAL!!!

19. Is pluralize a real word? Naturally.

20. What's your favorite thing to say? W00t. Or hoog. Or indeed. Or…something contrary.

21. How long is middle length for a survey? Past the beginning, before the end.

22. Every time you say e-mail...do you think of Strong Bad e-mails? Frequently. Not EVERY time, though.

23. Do you know who Strong Bad is? Like, doi.

24. Are you annoyed yet? Noo…well, my pc is irritating me, but this survey isn’t.

25. Have you ever gone to a formal dance (you know...where you have to dress up)? Yes. With 4 of my girly girls, one asshole, and the greatest gayboi ever to walk the earth. LOFF YOU BABES!

26. What do you find most exciting that happens in everyday life? Hearing that song you REEEEEALLY love on the radio. Or finding matching socks, especially if they're cute ones.

27. What's your favorite class? Newspaper. Except when we actually have to do work. Man, that’s so…wack. And yes, yes it is wiggidy wack!

28. Seriously...why can't I type favorite? Favourite.

29. This survey is probably only fun to people I know...rather people who know me...Do you find this survey fun? Do you know me? Yes. Tres avec l’amuser. As for knowing you...I don't know. DO I know you? Do I REALLY??????? *squintyeyedlook*

30. Do you like the number 30? TCHA!! Even. Multiple of three. As an age, not too shabby. What’s not to like?

31. Should I stop now? Nah.

32. Should I ask questions that aren't yes or no questions? Why not?

33. What's your favorite movie? Erm…Empire Records, Sleeping Beauty, Grease, FBDO, Donnie Darko, High Fidelity, Clueless, Ghost World, Muppet Treasure Island, Foxfire, Sword In The Stone, Great Mouse Detective, Peter Pan, Dogma, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, etcetera.

*Whew* And that's all for now!