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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

September 2007

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Sally (And She Wasn't At All Yellow)

You May Be a Bit Histrionic...

Dramatic and over the top, you crave attention.
And you'll do anything it takes to get noticed.
You love to be seductive, even when it's inappropriate.
If you're ignored, you're easily hurt ... and act out even more!

Moi? Dramatic? Over the top? *hair toss* Excessively flirty? Overly sensitive about being ignored?
Perish the thought(s)!

Hee. I got Ms. Piggy. FTW!


Flirty? NEVER. Why, you're an ice queen.

Why are you not still online? :-p
And this is ironic, given the question I just asked you.

You May Be a Bit Dependent...

You're more than a little preoccupied with being abandoned.
You need a lot of support in your life, at all times.
It's difficult for you to survive on your own...
And you don't reallly think you ever could.

Hold me?
You May Be a Bit Borderline...

Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!
When you're up, you're a little bit crazy...
And when you're down, your whole world is crashing
Scary thing is, these moods can change by the minute!

***You May Be a Bit Antisocial...***

Antisocial? That may be a bit of an understatement.
You think rules are meant to be broken - and with gusto!
Having no fear, you don't even think about consequences.
But people love you anyway... you've got a boatload of charm.

Gwarr! Plain HTML!


Ms. Piggy. Nice.

O' course, I gots you for help with the topic-choosin' and the presentin' and all-around good-speech-givin', eh? Ehhhhh?

(What if I told you there'd be nimki and quiche involved?) :D

Re: Teehee

Naturally, m'dear!

...though, I won't say I would've done it without nimki & quiche.
Because...I want some.
I have you now!
It said I was dependent...me?...no...

...I also found out I can't survive alone...


I wish "tastic" was a word...
It totally should be.

Man, what an awesome word that'd be.